All are welcome to join us every Monday from 2.00pm – 4.30pm for our Build Grow Cook vocational group.

This group is designed to provide access to opportunities for developing skills, resilience and experience. Here you’ll be able to join in on soup making for our cafe or baking in our cook group, simple and fun building projects in our Build group or help out in our sensory garden at our Grow group.

Call Belinda on 01202 771336 for more info.

Please note that this group is temporarily suspended due to Covid-19. Watch our social media channels for news on our return.

“Build-Grow-Cook has actually really helped me…Now I have been coming for a while, I have gotten to know people and I really enjoy the cooking sessions, especially the baking. I’m a different person, you wouldn’t recognise me. I am confident and am happy within the group and am learning skills each week. I’m even cooking a little more at home.”

Horizons Member