A Christmas Dream by Lisa

Once upon a time in December 2000.

A few weeks before Christmas

There was a family in Bournemouth who was very short of money, they couldn’t find any spare money to buy any nice things for their daughter Belle, it really upset them as all her friends had the latest technology but Belle didn’t have anything.

Belle’s parents always felt quilty and never asked Belle what she wanted for Christmas or her birthday, because although Belle always said bubble bath and smellies, they really knew that she wanted the same as all her other friends. it really upset them.

This particular year in 2000, Belle’s mum and dad decided to take Belle to see Father Christmas, however, Belle didn’t believe in father christmas anymore, but she went along anyway to have a chat with the person who played Father Christmas that year.

They got to the store where Belle stood in a queue with her mother, one of the Elf’s came out from the grotto to check the queue, Belle, whispered in his ear.

Belle “I do not believe in Father Christmas, but my mum wanted me to chat with him, I cannot tell mum and dad what I really want, because it is very, expensive and they cannot afford it”.

The Elf “Okay leave it with me please”.

Belle nodded and waited patiently with her mother until she got to the front of the queue.

Belle entered the grotto on her own and spoke to Father Christmas telling him about her wishes for Christmas and her birthday the following year.

Belle sat on one of the Elf’s chairs and said the following:

Belle “I would love a mobile phone and a laptop computer for Christmas and my birthday next year, but my parents cannot afford to buy me anything like that, because they haven’t got that sort of money

and I’m getting bullied by other Children at school, but my friends understand the situation”.

Father Christmas “I’m sorry to hear that and I wish that we could do something, have your parents spoken to the school?

Belle; They have done that, it is awful, they have even thought of changing my schools, but I worry I would have same trouble there”.

Father Christmas “Thank you for coming and I hope things work out next year for you and your family, try to have a wonderful Christmas”.

Belle “Talking to you has helped me and thank you whatever, your name is”?

Father Christmas quietly said “Joseph”.

Belle “Nice meeting you Joseph have a lovely Christmas.

Father Christmas “Goodbye Belle I hope things get better for you and your family next year, take care as well.”

Father Christmas already knew all about Bella as he had spoken to the elf from the queue, he thought what a nice caring girl Belle was and decided to try and help.

Before Belle and her mum left the grotto, the Elf spoke to Belle’s mother asking for their address saying, they like to take the families address, to make it real for younger Children, they explained that they throw the address book away in the bin on Christmas eve.

When Belle got home with her mother, her father asked if she told Father Christmas about what she would like for her Christmas, presents.

Belle “Yes I asked for some smellies like bubble bath or shower gel, sprays and soaps”.

Dad, “Thats nice, well done Belle”.

Mum, “You were in there for ages, what else where you talking about”?

Belle “nothing really just chatting

Christmas Day

Belle was sitting by the Christmas tree, waiting to open her parents, she felt sad but didn’t want her parents to know.

Howard and Mary came into the front room and saw Belle waiting by the Christmas tree looking at the presents on the floor.

Dad “Good morning, Belle, Happy Christmas”.

Mum “Nothing exciting from us this year, just the same as last Christmas were are so sorry we cant afford a computer and a phone. This year Belle”.

Belle “Morning mum and dad, I’m not bothered, I know you try your best.

Belle opens her presents and then helps her Mum gets dinner ready for 1pm.

After their Christmas dinner, there is a ring on the doorbell, Dad got up to open the front door, to see four men on the doorstep.

Dad “Hello can I help you’?

Father Christmas “We have come to see Belle on this cold Christmas day”.

Dad “What do you want with my Belle”?

Father Christmas “After Belle came to see me a few weeks ago, we all thought what a nice caring girl Belle was, I spoke to Mark the Store Manager and also the Elf’s to see if we could help her and see if we could afford a special gift from us all”.

Dad “You better come in and have a Christmas drink with us before the Queen does her Christmas message to us all.

They all go into the house where belle is helping her mum with washing up the dinner things.

The three men go into the front room whilst Dad shouts Belle and her mum to come into the lounge.

Dad, led the four men into the front room and asked them to sit down, he said “I will call Mary and Belle in again”.

Dad went into the kitchen and said “Come into the front room Mary and Belle, as there 4 young, men here to see you.

When Belle and her parents went into the front room, the 4 young men said “Ho, Ho, Ho Belle, what have we here for you”? Passing two christmas wrapped parcels.

Belle’s face lit up as she ripped off the wrapping paper

Dad said “What is it Belle?

Father Christmas said “When you left US a few weeks ago at the grotto, I got thinking and went off to have a meeting with Mark the Store Manager, who agreed to help us. The elf’s myself and the store manager agreed to buy you a Mobile Phone and Laptop, which is for this year’s Christmas and next year’s Birthday present, Father christmas said ‘I can’t have children of my own but if I did, I would love to have a daughter just like you.’ I hope this helps to make things better for you at school.

Belle “Thank you all so very much and I was not expecting any special treatment, but now I can do my school work , not have to change schools and hopefully go onto university’.

Elf “My name is Peter, and it was a pleasure to meet and help a lovely young lady like yourself today”.

Belle smiled “Thank you, what a lovely day I have had today, its like a dream come true’

Belle’s parents Thanked the three elves and Father Christmas and asked them if they would like to stay for the rest of the day, they agreed and

they all had a Wonderful Christmas Day together, since the three elves didn’t have anything to rush home for that Year they stayed until the new year and they all remained friends for many years to come!

Dreams, do come true if you want them to?

The End

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