Magic Holiday by Naomi Collett

Magic holiday.

Right now it feels like we are all on a magic holiday.

But I can say now that I wish the reason why would just go away.

At first I was very pleased to be having this magic holiday.

But on the day I get told I can see my friends I will say brilliant yay.

I will do my very best not to make every day a boring day at home.

I’m so greatful at times like this not to be living alone.

Does make me have more appreciation of the equipment I have to use.

Using the phone and internet to talk to my friends takes away my blues.

But one thing I will say is when this magic holiday is gone.

We can all be happy and from this magic holiday our lives can move on.

I may find things annoying sometimes. But they are right when they say we appreciate things and people more when they’re gone.

When I’m back to normal my appreciation button will always be switched on.

By Omi . 18th May 20 20

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