Woodwork is particularly for those interested in developing DIY and basic building skills. We are an official Men’s Shed (women are very welcome too). Woodwork involves designing, building and promoting woodwork projects (such as bug hotels or bird houses) and aims to support disabled people to learn building, DIY and life skills. We sell our projects in order to further fund the project. The small profits generated are reinvested in the projects allowing an element of self-sustainability and further diversity.

They have formed a focus group who are working on designing and building accessible furniture and shelving for inside our polytunnel and have taken commissions for wooden furniture and upcycling projects. They also recently designed and built a large work bench which they can move around.

Over the past 18 months, five of our members have transitioned into paid employment with our support:

“Being part of the Build group was such a boost for me, even though it was for a short time. I had barely left my house after the pandemic and then being welcomed into this lovely community gave me the confidence to get out and find paid work for the first time in three years”.